Chronic underinvestment in Alberta's road network reduces our quality of life, and limits our economic growth.


Alberta’s highways aren’t keeping up. Highways are chronically underfunded, and the system for planning, designing and procuring construction services is failing companies and taxpayers alike. Political decisions that frequently change project priorities and budgets creates uncertainty for businesses and road users. Roads and gridlock are worse, inflation costs are higher and essential Alberta employees are losing out. 


Highways have predictable lifespans; repair and replacement are certain. We can improve life in our province by modernizing highway procurement and project management systems. This will make roads safer, create high-quality jobs, and help Alberta lead Canada’s development of a more globally competitive transportation network. 


Smarter and more transparent investment in Alberta highways, managed by an independent agency using an evidence based approach to asset management and efficient business practices that incentivizes innovation and investment by companies in workers and machinery.


Learn about the Alberta Highway Trust Co. Read the ARHCA policy paper and tell us how you think we can Fix Our Roads.

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